Hai why must life give me so many choices WHATS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE OMG………it’s either I get Philip this kind of shit or I get the superb ones 2 at one go….I can alr foreseen hongkong trip is totally ruined I doubt anyone can pretend nothing happened…and this group…it’s filled with secrets omg why things have to be this complicated…however, quoting from weiling”anything you can ignore is not a problem” didn’t know I will have to use this quote so soon..so I am gonna pretend totally nothing happened because anyway I am not looking for a relationship so I will stay clear with both of them…

Hongkong trip around the corner! No one is planning as usual HAHAHA but this time we got Jeremy so not much to worry….Caden is leaving for Jinan tmr! We all wanted to get tickets and crash his hotel room but the tickets are sold out…so i guess what we can do is pick him up from the airport 3 days later!

have been telling the world this story BECAUSE RANDALL IS FREAKING AWESOME he, calvin and vivian went gym together and after supper he sent the 2 of them home then came all the way to cuppage to pick up the 5 drunk asses HAHAHAHA then sent jeremy to serangoon, caden to bishan, zhihong to tampines..me and janelle to bedok.. AWWWWWWWW HOW NICE CAN HE BE OMG literally spent nearly 2 hours just to send everyone home and because i am the last so i reached home at 3am..

finally finished my 3 days recurrent omg again yesterday stood at the 6 metres high cabin trainer pool for at least one minute before jumping down:( so embarrassed haiiii thank god next year recurrent is land drills..I EVEN DREAMT OF EVACUATION LOL! what a lonely recurrent i dont even know anyone hai all my batch mates had their recurrent last week..nonetheless, made a lot of new friends! regardless of CICs of flight crew they are all so nice to be classmates with HAHAHA!

on the second day, i forgot to bring my SEP card..so basically it will be useless for someone to go for recurrent without a SEP card..HOW DUMB CAN I BE OMGGGG so i asked in the group softly “guys what if i didn’t bring SEP card ah?” by then I was alr seated in Boeing classroom lol in the end i will have to go home and get it..BUT THEN caden suddenly private text me and asked if my mum’s at home, he can swing by bedok to help me get and bring to Boeing for me WAA AT THAT MOMENT I LITERALLY FELT LIKE KILLING HIM HOW COULD SOMEONE BE SO NICE I DONT UNDERSTAND he just ended his overnight flight at 7am and back to bishan from changi airport and he suggested to go back to bedok again to take the stupid SEP card!!! i really salute him sia..in the end of course i didn’t accept his offer i got my mum and uncle to send to me before she went to work! and later that night during 85 supper jeremy said he also thought of helping me to do that but he knew someone like caden would have volunteered alr HAHAHA this 2 idiots are always doing the same stuff..

worst news in the world..me and randall’s case officially affected the entire tiger i hate philip forever and ever..at first jem was like GUYS GO AND READ EMAIL so i opened the email and its so complicated but i saw “infant free” HAHAHAHA so i thought it changed to a better system..who knows when i finished reading the entire thing then i realized now you can’t travel with people that are not your nominee………………the entire whatsapp group instantly became damn sian……but because this whole thing only starts on 12th sept so as far as i know, we booked at least 16 tickets before 12am today HAHAHAHAHAHA got hongkong got bandung got phuket lol..

went gym with randall and calvin today and went to ehub for maze runner after dinner..HAHAHAHA i really wonder if calvin knows we kept guessing who will be the first one to find out HAHAHA no matter what we always put vivian as the last LOL damn bastard..the best part is seriously no one will suspect coz we are forever BRO BRO-ing each other and all the “have you reached home” text become so genuine TEEHEE

almost forgot how to love someone but because of you, i will learn it all over again..simply because you are one of my best friend and i never want to hurt you.